SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Nearly half of all office workers say their office is too hot or too cold- and some have even fought about it.

CareerBuilder surveyed office workers and found (46%) of them believe their office is one extreme or the other.

Women are the most likely (36%) to say they are too cold; 18% of men agree. On the other hand, 17% of men say they are too hot; 19% of women agree.

The office temperature has also led to office disagreements. 15% of workers have argued about the temperature, while 19% admit to secretly changing the thermostat in the summer– 13% to make it cooler, 6% to make it warmer.

Temperature can also play a factor in a person’s productivity. 51% of people say if it’s too cold they are less productive; 67% say the same holds true if it’s too warm.

The CareerBuilder survey, conducted by Harris Poll, ranked the hottest and coldest industries.

Top sectors saying office is too hot:

  • Retail- 28%
  • Manufacturing- 23%
  • Health Care- 19%

Top sectors saying office is too cold:

  • Health Care- 30%
  • Retail- 24%
  • Manufacturing- 18%

The top ways people try to say comfortable at work:

  • Drink a cool beverage- 42%
  • Dress in layers- 27%
  • Use a fan- 26%
  • Drink a hot beverage- 20%
  • Wear a jacket- 19%
  • Use a space heater- 13%
  • Use a blanket- 6%

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