SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento will be the first city in the country to get 5G cell service later this summer, but health concerns are now being raised about the equipment.

5G uses high frequency waves and is supposed to be 100 times faster than the current cell phone service. However, the 5G waves don’t travel as far as current wireless frequencies so instead of large cell phone tower equipment spread far apart, the 5G requires small cell sites closer together.

The FCC does set exposure limits for cell site antennas that transmit signals to phones.

Research has been done on the effects of cell radiation but it has been inconsistent. According to the National Cancer Institute, “A limited number of studies have shown some evidence of statistical association of cell phone use and brain tumor risks, but most studies have found no association.”

Firefighters in San Francisco have reported memory problems and confusion after cell phone towers were installed outside of fire stations. The firefighters claim the symptoms stopped when they relocated to stations without equipment nearby.

The wireless industry told CBS13 that decades of research shows no known health risk from this type of energy. In fact, a spokesperson says the occurrence of brain tumors in the United States has actually gone down since cell phones were introduced.

“The safety of cellphone consumers is important to CTIA and the wireless industry. We follow the guidance of the experts when it comes to antennas and health effects. Following numerous scientific studies conducted over several decades, the FCC, the FDA, the World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society and numerous other international and U.S. organizations and health experts continue to say that the scientific evidence shows no known health risk to humans due to the RF energy emitted by antennas and cellphones. The evidence includes analysis of official federal brain tumor statistics showing that since the introduction of cellphones in the mid-1980s, the rate of brain tumors in the United States has decreased.”

The City of Sacramento partnered with Verizon to offer 5G. A spokesperson told CBS13 the City of Sacramento currently has six active 5G sites- all are on SMUD utility poles:

  • 1731 E Street
  • 1619 E Street
  • 421 14TH Street
  • 2330 Q Street
  • 2019 21ST Street
  • 801 16TH Street

Sacramento issued a statement to CBS13- reading in part:

“Sacramento continues its emergence as a leader and innovator and will be the first scaled commercial practical implementation of 5G in the nation. It is this type of innovation that will enable residents to experience gigabit speeds that were previously only available via costly fiber. Technologies like 5G promise to revolutionize the daily lives of people. The City plays an important role and is actively working to streamline the development processes and effectively and efficiently pave the way for innovators like Verizon to implement technologies that will drive economic vitality, decrease the digital divide, serve our diverse communities, and forward the mission of the City for all.

The City currently has six 5G sites active. The City does not/cannot regulate wireless devices.”

AT&T also plans to introduce 5G and says it is comfortable with the technology.

Some cities, including Santa Rosa, have put their 5G plans on hold while health concerns are addressed.

Editor’s note: A previous version of the story read that firefighters had “memory problems and confusion after the 5G equipment was installed outside of fire stations.” The story has been changed to reflect that the cell towers, not 5G, which isn’t in San Francisco, possibly contributed to the firefighters’ problems.

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  1. Dave Lynch says:

    The 5G system is population extermination and profiteering disguised as communications. I am not surprised considering the lousy leadership in California. With so many smart people in the world, surely a better method is available, but a microwave bath certain to cause cancer can be nothing more than intentional.

    I urge all Californians to ban the 5G system. All your cancer awareness programs and fund raisers are an utter waste of time with these towers in operation.

    Think about that one for a minute,

  2. Kelley Eidem says:

    What happened to the firefighters when they were exposed to 5G early is the sort of thing I’ve been warning about on my Facebook Timeline (Kelley Eidem) for several months now. To see a news article about it, brings it home.

    By the way, the immediate threats iare the ions that the towers generate. Frequencies can be just fine if the ions are neutralized. The ions can be neutralized by adding ceramic to each mast. Otherwise there will be a calamity unlike what this country has ever seen and it will happen fast.

    1. Kit Catts says:

      There are concerns about 5G millimeter’s unique impacts on the skin, eyes and testes, as well as harm to pollinators and migratory birds–which we rely on for our food supply. The US Department of Interior sent a letter regarding migratory bird death in 2014 around cell towers, 5G will increase cell tower deployment exponentially.

      Please also review this important testimony of Dr. Sharon Goldberg before the Michigan Senate on 5G. Dr. Sharon Goldberg MD, testifies that 5G needs to be a conversation about unsustainable health care expenditures. Wireless radiation has been clearly associated with elevated blood sugar and diabetes, the closer you live to a cell tower the higher your blood glucose.

      I feel it is irresponsible to be rolling out an untested millimeter technology, the National Toxicology Program shows clear evidence of a precurser to heart failure for RF. Over half of medicare spending–heart failure, diabetes all linked to emf exposures. The experts who don’t work for telecom comes to the same conclusion, In Academic Medicine we have a name for 5G (human subject research), untested application of a technology that we know is harmful. Human subjects research” which is tightly regulated, you can’t roll out a research project on humans unless they have their informed consent and approval, that someone has examined the literature.

  3. Excellent. Looking forward to this technology being globally available. The things it will make possible are endless with it’s extremely low latency features.

    1. Paul Michael says:

      5G is extremely dangerous.
      Do they not know what microwaves do to water in foods? Moreover, this raises a bigger question……what happens and when a city puts microwave 5G antennas in our neighborhoods…….then we become and microwaved foods. Why won’t they study these effects? $$$$$$$

      1. Larry says:

        Anybody who thinks they need such incredible redundancy of bandwidth wherever they go really needs to reflect on their priorities and how they have organised their life. How are they even alive??? Do they even know how to light a fire? Or grow vegetables? Change a tyre? Dress a wound? How did it come to this? Fifty years ago they put a man on the moon without instant cat videos. How did they do that? Answer: by being real men (and women, of course).

  4. NASA CR 166661 Again in 1915, in another letter to the editor, Tesla stated:
    “It is perfectly practical to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible. When unavoidable, the [transmitter] may be used to destroy property and life.”

    AND In 1943, as the technical aide in Division 14 of the NDRC, John G. Trump reviewed and analyzed the papers of Dr. Nikola Tesla when Dr. Tesla died in a New York City hotel. The research was completed on behalf of the Alien property Custodian office in Washington DC.

  5. How about getting good 4G LTE coverage first? I regularly lose coverage between Sacramento and Vacaville and have only 1 or 2 bars with no data throughout much of Sacramento proper.

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