By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A Stockton man is in jail tonight after police say he murdered a Lodi woman who was just leaving a family member’s graduation party.

Detectives say the young victim was shot to death near the intersection of West Lane and Knickerbocker Drive on Saturday night. This is Stockton’s 15th homicide of the year.

Family members said Celina Ramirez, 22, was a kind and loving person. She was not perfect, but she was genuine. Celina was a daughter, a sister and an aunt who loved her family dearly.

“It’s just heartbreaking because these families are suffering. It’s not just a mother and a father, it’s the family, the friends, they are all suffering from their loss,” said Joyce Tuhn, Victims of Violent Crimes of San Joaquin County.

Tuhn said the group works with many families going through this type of tragic loss. The group often helps families financially, but also emotionally.

“Every day, they live in terror. Every day of not knowing who it is, or if they know who it is, so it’s horrifying, they come to me and we have a great support group,” she said.

Less than 48 hours after Ramirez’s death, Stockton police arrested Alexes Daniel Corrales, 20, in south Stockton in connection to her murder.

Ramirez’s photo along with candles and flowers are now placed where she died of a gunshot wound.

“Our homicide detectives did all the follow up on that and figured out who that person was, where that person was at and made a traffic stop on him in south Stockton, which inside that vehicle they located a firearm,” said Joe Silva, Stockton Police Department.

The family says Ramirez’s recently received her high school diploma. They say she was on her way to building a more promising future when it was all taken away within minutes.

“Even though an arrest has been made, this is still an active investigation. So, if anybody has information regarding this homicide please give us a call,” he said.

Corrales has been booked in San Joaquin County Jail and now faces homicide charges. Stockton Police officers said the case is an on-going investigation.


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