DENVER (KCNC) — There are plenty of videos on YouTube of people spraying themselves in the face with pepper spray — but most of them aren’t congressional campaign ads.

But Levi Tillemann, a Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 6th congressional district, on Denver’s east side, did just that.

(Credit: Levi Tillemann/YouTube)

The painful stunt was a response to proposals to arm educators to defend classrooms in the event of a school shooting.

“I’ve had enough of Democrats and Republicans talking past each other on gun control as kids, schools and communities pay the price in blood,” Tilleman wrote on YouTube. “That’s why I’ve worked with my team to develop a plan for active school defense measures. We absolutely need to fix America’s gun problem, but that might take a while. Let’s stop talking and start doing. We can protect students and teachers today.”

Tillemann is advocating for “non-lethal self-defense tools” for teachers. He sprayed himself in the face with pepper spray to demonstrate how effectively it can impair a person’s vision — and leave them in agonizing pain.


(Credit: Levi Tillemann/YouTube)

After spraying himself, Tilleman dunks his head in a bucket of soapy solution and uses a garden hose to flush his eyes.


(Credit: Levi Tillemann/YouTube)

“It’s just unbearable, it’s like lava in your eyes,” Tilleman says.

The video is titled “This Will Save Lives.”

“No solution is perfect, but this will save lives,” Tillemann wrote.

Tillemann is running against Democrat Jason Crow in the June 26 primary. If he wins, he will go on to fight for the seat currently held by Republican Michael Coffman.

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