By Marc Woodfork

When you think of films that are based on a true story, the last thing that comes to mind is a true story about the game of TAG. We’ve all played it. We all remember running around saying “you’re it!” We all remember crying at times because it felt like you were the only one that was tagged all the time. We all remember the feeling of being tagged and ridiculed and laughed at, feeling like a leper.

Well, one of the beautiful things about becoming an adult is that we can forget it all. Not so much the case for the characters in the new film ‘TAG’. Yes, this is based on a true story of a group of guys that for one month a year play a game of TAG. A very intense game of TAG. The film centers around the only undefeated player of the group and his wedding.

‘TAG’ is hilarious on many different levels. Crude locker room humor, physical humor, but not so much that it gets tiresome. ‘TAG’ certainly will not win any awards, but that’s not why you go to watch this film. It’s just fun, with a lot of great laughs. Grab your popcorn, candy and hopefully you’ll have as much fun watching as the cast and crew clearly had making it.


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