SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s another big weekend for recreation, but with temps topping triple digits, people took precautions to stay safe in the extreme heat.

Tiscornia Park was packed with swimmers and boaters along the American and Sacramento Rivers. While wading in the water, Jose Vidro carried a giant umbrella to shield himself from the heat.

“It’s pretty hot, you know. That’s why I brought the umbrella because I don’t want to get too burnt” Vidro said.

With more people on the water, rescue crews had more to watch out for. The all-volunteer Drowning Accident Rescue Team or DART handed out free life jackets to the kids, and had boats out patrolling for potential emergencies.

“If we see something happening we can respond very quickly in this area” said DART volunteer, Keith McAndrew “We’re here and ready to go” he said.

From the water to the field, local athletes felt the heat as well. Coaches kept the kids hydrated at the Sacramento State Hornet youth football camp.

“As a coach you’ve got to manage how long you have them out here” said Coach Jody Sears.

At UC Davis, tents and trees provided welcome shade for volleyball players taking part in a mid-day tournament fundraiser. Organizer Kevin Huth says most of the participants play every weekend, so they’re use to the heat, but he still pays close attention for signs of heat related issues.

“You can tell when somebody is starting to have trouble” Huth said. “They get a little glazed over the eyes, but it hasn’t been that bad today. Mostly it’s just drinking a lot of water. You just have to stay hydrated,” he said

Just across campus, organizers of the Special Olympics didn’t take any chances with their 1,060 athletes, Saturday.

“So we deliberately eliminated some of the preliminary events we normally do to make sure we could end things earlier because of the heat, so basically we finished around 1:30 today” said David Solo, President and CEO of Special Olympics Northern California.

Special Olympic athletes spent the rest of the afternoon getting free health screenings in the cool chill of the air conditioned Pavilion.


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