SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento family got the surprise of their life when their dog that had gone missing nearly two years ago found his way home.

The emotional family reunion at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter was all thanks to the microchip planted in the dog.

Macho the dog made a mighty return to the family he bolted from during a move back in November 2016.

“He took off running down the street when we were on our way moving from Sacramento to Marysville, and I think the move just kind of startled him and he just took off running,” said Harmony Navarro.

They thought they’d never see him again. Then a call from from the Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

“We would’ve never found him if it wasn’t for the microchip.”

But Harmony wanted to make the reunion a special surprise. The mother of five told her family they were at the Bradshaw Animal Shelter to sign up to be volunteers.

The daughters realized this was the best surprise of their young lives after losing their best friend.

Now Macho’s back.


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