SAUSALITO (CBS13) — The Marine Mammal Center needs help naming one of their three sea otters.

The center is currently rehabilitating three southern sea otters and asked for help naming an otter that was transferred to the center as a companion for another otter of a similar age, known as Langly, who herself had a harrowing rescue experience.

Langly (right back) and her companion (left front) formed a strong bond immediately as they rehabilitate at The Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands. Photo by Sarah van Schagen © The Marine Mammal Center, USFWS permit MA101713-1

Langly is just a pup and was stranded with her mother in San Luis Obispo County. The Center said that rescuers believe the mom otter suffered shark bite injuries and expelled a lot of energy getting Langley safely to shore.

Langly’s mom died on the way to the Center’s hospital but she had successfully protected her pup. Upon admit, veterinarians noted that Langly was alert, active and feisty – all good signs that she had a fighting chance at survival.

The Center said that Langly lost a bit of weight during her first month in rehabilitation because of the abrupt loss of her mother’s milk, but she has perked up since her new companion has been introduced.

Langly (left) and her companion (right) enjoy enrichment activities in their rehabilitation pool. The unnamed otter has been exposed to the biotoxin domoic acid. Photo by Sarah van Schagen © The Marine Mammal Center, USFWS permit MA101713-1

Initially rescued by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the companion otter’s test results showed that she had been exposed to the biotoxin domoic acid, which can cause damage to the heart and brain. After four months of intensive rehabilitation at Monterey Bay Aquarium, her health had greatly improved and the opportunity to move her into a pool with another young female seemed like it might benefit both young otters, according to the Center.

Visitors to the hospital and visitor center in the Marin Headlands can submit their favorite suggestions for names while viewing exclusive live cam footage of the otters as they rehabilitate. People can also submit names online by following the Center on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and leave a comment on a post about Langly and her pen-mate or by using #NameThatTMMCOtter.


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