SACRAMENTO(CBS13) – A sign at Grant High School has some neighbors in Del Paso Heights seeing red.

“I think it’s disrespectful,” said Della Henderson who lives nearby.

It’s the same three messages lit up and on loop.

“It’s a broken record, over and over again, that’s all we see, all day and night,” said Shannon Daniel. “It doesn’t say anything but ‘Blood Drive and Pacer Pride.’”

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Daniel and Sam Kinsey at 3B’s Barber Shop look out at it every day, they’re just right across the street.

“I think that they should do something about it,” Kinsey said.

It seems fine at first, showing off spirit for the school’s Pacer mascot.

But it’s this October blood drive banner that has many people boiling.

October was nine months ago, but people say this message has been flashing longer than that, much longer.

“It’s been like that ever since I’ve been standing here cutting hair,” Daniel said.

So just when was this blood drive?

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We did the math, it turns out the last time October 1st was on a Friday was way back in 2010.

“Where is the Pacer pride? Grant is a good school. I went to that school,” said Brad Kiefert a Grant High Alum.

We wanted to get answers from Grant High about why the sign’s message hasn’t been changed in eight years, and the official response was:

“The district has No Comment,” read a statement from the Twin Rivers Unified School District.

And just hours after we asked the district why the sign with the same message has been on repeat for years, it appears they pulled the plug and the message had gone dark.

“Now we got a sign that doesn’t say anything, so I don’t know,” Kinsey said.

Alumni say the sign should tout good things going on in this impoverished neighborhood that often gets a bad rap.

“Put something about the pool, there you go the pool is open now. Put the hours of the pool on there,” Kiefert said.

“You know if it’s broken, hey, let us know something. We have people around the community that would be willing to help out, help get it fixed,” Daniel added.

Now it’s just a sad sign of the times.

“Stuff like this just makes the whole neighborhood look bad and the school look bad, Kiefert said.

So why was it left that way?

Some people think maybe a key was lost or a password forgotten.

Those are questions the school board refused to answer.


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