By Angela Greenwood

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — A car turned storage facility is causing concern in Orangevale, as drivers worry the sky-high stockpile strapped to its roof could come crashing down.

The infamous car has turned into the talk of the town. For months, it’s been rolling around with a massive load that many say is a hazard waiting to happen.

“It’s Orangevale. I see a couple interesting individuals and cars, but this one takes the cake,” said Vihash Deol.

Is it a work of art or storage on wheels?

“Oh my goodness. That’s a lot of stuff on there.”

Whatever the car is carrying, people are steering clear.

Yeah I wouldn’t go near it,” said Orangevale resident Tonya Leskin.

The shocking sight has been seen strolling the streets for months. The community recently started tracking its travel on social media, where sightings are posted daily.

“I see him everywhere,” said Ian Meindersee.

The load on top of the car is multiplying. At one point it stretched from the roof to the trunk, secured only by ropes.

Meindersee said, “It’s only a matter of time until it ends up on the intersection of Greenback somewhere.”

CBS13 caught up with the car, whose driver didn’t want to be on camera. But, he did tell us he’s confident in his tie-down technique.

“It’s no different than a truck when it’s got stuff tied down,” said the driver of the car.

The 23-year-old man says he’s using the car as storage while in between homes. He has been cited by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office for expired registration multiple times, and Citrus Heights police have also run into him, but his car was parked.

“They talked to him about the load and how it could be could potentially be deemed unsafe if they were to drive their vehicle,” said Citrus Heights Police Lt. David Gutierrez.

Police say as long as the load is secure, it’s not illegal even if it looks unsafe.

Meindersee is giving the driver some credit.

“He must be a world champion of Tetris.”

But, the community is calling game over.

Andy Leskin said, “I want it gone.”

The driver of the car says the community can rest assured that all of the items tied on top will be gone by Friday and his car will longer be the stand out on the streets.

Angela Greenwood


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