WASHINGTON (CBS13) – Parents and students will spend $82.8 billion on back-to-school shopping this year. That amount includes both K-12 and college spending.

The National Retail Federation published its annual survey Thursday and found the average family will spend an average of $684.79 each for elementary through high school students. Last year, families spent an average of $687.72.

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The biggest part of the back-to-school budget for K-12 will go to clothes.

  • $236.90- Clothes
  • $187.10- Electronics (Computers, Calculators, Phones)
  • $138.66- Shoes
  • $122.13- Supplies (Notebooks, Pencils, Backpacks, Lunchboxes)

College and graduate students plan to spend even more- $942.17 each for a total of $55.3 billion.

  • $229.21- Electronics
  • $153.32- Clothing and Accessories
  • $109.29- Dorm/Apartment Furnishings
  • $102.82- Food
  • $83.41- Shoes
  • $78.70- Personal Care Items
  • $69.46- School Supplies
  • $62.61- Gift Cards
  • $53.34- Collegiate Branded Gear

77% of K-12 shoppers plan to start back-to-school shopping at least three weeks before school begins; 67% of college shoppers will start shopping that early; however, most plan to wait for the best deals to complete their lists.


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