2:01 PT UPDATE: Amazon finally acknowledged it’s having issues with our site by Tweeting: “Some customers are having difficulty shopping, and we’re working to resolve this issue quickly. Many are shopping successfully – in the first hour of Prime Day in the U.S., customers have ordered more items compared to the first hour last year. There are hundreds of thousands of deals to come and more than 34 hours to shop Prime Day.

1:51 PT UPDATE: The deals do not appear to be loading on the Amazon mobile app.

1:10 PT UPDATE: Prime Day deals are now loading; however, the site is very slow.

12:54 PT UPDATE: We were able to access some deals on a desktop by clicking the menu tab in the top left- that takes you to a screen with all of the Amazon categories. Clicking certain categories takes you to the active and upcoming Prime Day deals.

**It worked for us for Toys & Games but not Wearable Technology.


12:44 PT UPDATE: Some shoppers are having success. One deal we’re watching started at noon and is 100% sold out, but we were able to join the Waitlist; another started at 12:30 pm and is 42% claimed.

12:28 PT UPDATE: The Amazon mobile App does show the “Deals You’re Watching” on the home page, but clicking the expanded list also takes you to an error page.

You do have the opportunity to buy a deal you’re watching on the app.

12:15 PT UPDATE: Amazon is running again; however, deals aren’t displaying.

SACRAMENTO (CBS) – Amazon Prime Day started at noon Pacific time, but for many, it started with an error code.

At noon, users clicking “Show All Deals” were greeted by this:

Amazon Prime Day runs for 36 hours through July 17 and offers deals on thousands of items. You must be a Prime member in order to take advantage. A yearly membership costs $119.

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Users took to Twitter to complain about the Prime Day letdown.


Prime Day started in 2015.



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