SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento landmark was damaged by an aggressive vandal.

Christine Tudor was working on the iconic Delta King paddlewheeler in Old Sacramento on Monday afternoon when she says the suspect snuck aboard the ship.

“It was pretty scary,” Tudor, a hostess, said. “He was acting really erratic, you could tell his speech patterns weren’t typical.”

Witnesses say he headed to the paddlewheel room, which is used for parties and banquets.

Jeffery Sampas' booking photo. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Jeffery Sampas’ booking photo. (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

He then began smashing glasses and toppling tables before breaking one of the port side windows, which is now covered with plastic.

“I know he was throwing some items at people,” Tudor said. “Once he started acting aggressive, then they locked him in the paddlewheel room until we could get further security help.”

Police arrived and arrested 39-year-old Jeffery Sampas on felony vandalism charges. They say he appeared to be intoxicated.

Delta King employees say the vandalism is not affecting any events. They are now working to fix the remainder of the damage.


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