VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Vacaville Police are looking for two men who boldly stole a woman’s wallet from her purse while sitting next to her at a restaurant.

The incident was caught on surveillance video.

It happened Monday at the Spice Thai Kitchen restaurant in the Nut Tree Complex.

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The video shows the men entering the restaurant and sitting at a table they moved closer to their target.

One of the suspects then calmly reaches into the woman’s Louis Vuitton bag she had hanging on the chair-back directly behind her.

The man comes out with her wallet and discreetly tucks it away. The victim, Emarie VanGalio, says she felt a rumbling in her bag but brushed it off as a vibrating cell phone.

“But I had this feeling like, no, that really felt like someone was in my bag. And why I didn’t turn around? I have no idea. Well of course now, I’m like duh, I should have turned around” she said.

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The suspects got away with some cash, but fortunately, VanGalio says her driver license wasn’t in the wallet and she canceled her credit cards.

Vacaville Police released the video hoping someone would recognize the suspects and come forward.

“These are definitely crimes of opportunity,” said Lt Mark Donaldson.

Police encourage customers to be aware of their surroundings and always keep valuables in front of them on the floor, or on the table in plain view.

VanGalio says, “lesson learned.”

“I wish I would’ve listened to my gut and known someone was in my bag, but I didn’t,” she said.

Police are asking anyone who may recognize the two suspects to give them a call.