By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — One of the two officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters on his wedding day.

Sacramento police have not released the names of the two officers who opened fire on Clark on March 18 due to safety concerns. CBS13 has blurred the faces of the newly released video to protect their identities.

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The small group of protesters had gotten word about the wedding and made sure they were there just hours before the officer apparently said I do.

Now the confrontation is shedding light on what these officers are up against both in and out of uniform and begs the question, is this going too far?

“I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,” said Sacramento BLM founder Tanya Faison.

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According to the video released by Black Lives Matter, the officer was gathered in a room with his groomsmen Saturday when protesters barged in.

“I just wonder if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after? How have you been sleeping since March 18?” said one protester in the video.

BLM says they helped plan the confrontation ever since they found the officer’s wedding website online, with information about the venue, a vineyard about an hour outside of Sacramento.

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“We’re not violent, we’re not gonna give to them what they brought to our community, we’re not gonna hurt anyone but we are gonna make them uncomfortable, and they should because someone is dead,” said Faison.

When asked if this approach was going too far? She replied, “no because he’s gonna remember this day for the rest of his life.”

“As a black man in the community, I’m concerned whenever there’s injustice on any black person, certainly there’s a right to protest but I think there are limits when to protest in a public place and the right of privacy for your wedding,” said community member Michael Keeley.

“No I don’t think it’s appropriate, that’s why I say there’s a time and place for everything,” said Susiann Donaldson.

Sacramento police say since the tragic shooting back in March, the two officers involved have needed additional security. They’ve received a number of death threats and are not working in a patrol capacity.

“People may think that these officers are just going about their lives, but this is a very traumatic event for everyone,” said Sgt. Vance Chandler with Sacramento Police.

The case that has drawn national attention and sparked protests across the country is still under investigation, with no word from the DA’s office on whether or not the officers will be indicted.

“I feel that our department has handled demonstrations and protests very well and we have taken great effort’s to allow people to exercise their First Amendment rights but on this one what is the purpose of this?” he said.

That purpose, said Faison, is to remind folks that people are still hurting.

“Stephon Clark’s family is still mourning and suffering. He doesn’t get to be with his kids, or get married,” she said.

Sacramento Police Officers Association president Timothy Davis, responded Monday night.

“The SPOA supports transparency within our Police Department. Transparency brings trust. Trust between our officers and the citizens they protect is an important aspect of a safe community. Our police officers are members of this community. They raise their families here. The send their children to schools here. They live their lives as a part of this community.

Transparency comes with responsibility. Officers deserve to be free from harassment by individuals seeking their own forms of justice. True accountability can only come from our impartial judicial system and from our elected government.

The SPOA will continue to advocate for transparency and thoughtful improvements in police policies, but we request the respect of our community. Give our officers the ability to safely raise their families alongside you.”

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  1. Hey, BLM founder Tanya Faison. You said, ““Stephon Clark’s family is still mourning and suffering. He doesn’t get to be with his kids, or get married.” He should hot have been out trying to break into homes and rob them! It’s on him. Further, A toxicology report found that Clark had substances including codeine, marijuana and cocaine in his system when he died. Uh oh!

  2. Man this Shirin Rajaee is a Gorgeous Lady. And apparently a fine Journalist.

  3. stephon clark had time to show his hands – instead he ran because he was committing crimes just moments prior – i bet you all of these guys are voting trump in 2020 – it’s how he won the first time

  4. janispattersonmysteries says:

    Has BLM gone too far? BLM was too far beyond the bounds of civilized behavior the day they were founded. BLM is a terrorist group that disrespects the law, idolizes criminals and is generally a slap in the face to a law-abiding civilized society. They should all be arrested and put to work on a chain gang until they learn to be decent human beings.

  5. The BLM domestic terrorists did what?

  6. Don McCoy says:

    ““I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,” said Sacramento BLM founder Tanya Faison.”

    And they wonder why they get shot.

  7. Did anyone notice how the cop and his groomsmen were black and the BLM protestors in the video were all white and how they were shouting at the cop for being racist?

  8. so when are these losers going to get in line at the police academy

  9. Joe Yeti says:

    Black Lies Matters is just another terrorist organization.

  10. Terrorists attacking people should be shot.

  11. Why is this too far? The cop shot another unarmed person. Soldiers in a combat zone have more restrictive ROE when it comes to shooting enemy combatants than police do with ordinary citizens.
    They deserve to be protested EVERYWHERE they go. Period. End of story. Until they stop killing unarmed people in the name of “safety”, they should get protested everywhere. Their weddings. Funerals. Gas Stations. Grocery stores. Their homes. All of it. Until they stop making the choice to be judge, jury and executioner, they should get no peace.

    1. Coleman Blackstone says:

      Is this a burner account for Maxine Waters?

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