ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Buying a new car can come with many hassles. Catching fire shouldn’t be one of them.

But that’s what happened to Jeremiah Boller on his drive from Stockton to Sacramento on Thursday.

He says the transmission on the vehicle dropped, sending off sparks. He and his friends pulled off on the side of the road and called the fire department. In the meantime, the car burst into flames.

Boller said he bought the Kia recently and was surprised to see it up in flames.

He said he has full coverage and everyone made it out of the car safely with no injuries.

Now he’s ready to go back to the dealership and do the car buying dance all over again.

“I’m going to need a car, because this car caught on fire on me. I put a lot of money into this car and it’s messed up,” he said.


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