By Carlos Correa

LODI (CBS13) — A game involving fake weapons may have lead to a deadly shooting in a Lodi parking lot that claimed the life of a teen.

Police in Lodi are investigating the shooting death of Trever Seabourne, 19, in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant. Investigators say the shooting stemmed from a fight, but they don’t know what exactly led to the deadly confrontation.

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“From what we understand, there were two different groups. There was an argument, whether it was with two individuals in either group, I’m not sure. But eventually, at some point it escalated,” said Lt. Michael Manetti with the Lodi Police Department.

Investigators are aware of the online chatter that the people involved in the deadly shooting at the In-N-Out restaurant may have been participating in the live-action game Assassin, where players try to eliminate one another using fake weapons.

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“A mock weapon in public is very dangerous because if a police officer sees you with a mock weapon he doesn’t know what you got and a public person that has a carry permit, he doesn’t know what you got so you shouldn’t bring toy guns in public period,” said Brad, who lives in Lodi.

Police arrested Andres Valdivia, 19, and Leonardo Alcantara, 20, hours after the shooting. Valdivia has been charged with murder and several weapons violations. Alcantara faces accessory to murder and weapon violation charges.

“It’s a pretty sad deal. I mean, it’s one of them things. Lodi is not a big town, but it can happen anywhere. A bullet has no name when it meets a gun,” he said.

Seabourne’s family says the 19-year-old had the biggest heart in the world. He always had a smile and liked to help people. He recently joined the carpenters union and was supposed to start this week. Seabourne graduated from Tokay high just last summer.

Police do not believe there are any more suspects. People with information on the shooting are being asked to call the Lodi Police Department.


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