SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Almost half a dozen cars were damaged Wednesday morning after a spike strip was used to try and stop a car chase, but the spike strip got caught in a box truck’s wheel and dragged out to westbound I-80 near the Norwood exit.

Spike strips are one of the more common tools used by law enforcement to disable a car during a patrol chase.

“The goal is to end the pursuit as soon as we can without putting the public or officers, or even the bad, guy at risk,” said Deputy Martin Dighero.

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But there are risks that come with deploying a spike strip, which is also known as a stop stick.

“Sometimes, though, even the best-made plans go sideways, having a device ripped out of your hands and dragged down the road, it’s one of those things you can’t do anything about,” Dighero added.

The plan didn’t quite work out Wednesday morning. Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies tried to launch a stop stick to end a car chase, started by 36-year old Jeffrey Laroche.

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Instead, “the device got caught underneath the box truck and dragged down the road. The device then struck five other vehicles was my understanding,” Dighero added.

Wednesday morning’s incident deflated the tires of five civilian cars after the box truck dragged it out onto Westbound I-80.

So, who covers the cost, if you find yourself in a similar situation?

“They will have their damage covered by the county, it’ll be covered, and my understanding is they’ve already been contacted,” Dighero said.

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Deputy Martin Dighero is an emergency vehicle operations course (EVOC), instructor. He gave CBS13 a first-hand look at how deputies deploy the strips, to try and end a chase.

Deputies get a nine-hour training course every other year, to stay on top of their game.

The suspect was eventually arrested. He faces three felony charges including evading a police officer and driving with a suspended license.


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