ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Are drivers required to stop first when turning on a red light?

Viewer Janette Rodriguez used the form to ask CBS13:

“There is a right hand turn in Roseville from E Roseville Parkway onto Sierra College Boulevard. Are drivers required to stop first when turning on a red light? The median is divided but there is no yield sign. Drivers have become very aggressive and honk if other drivers stop before turning right into 55 mph traffic on Sierra College Boulevard.”

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CBS13 took the question to Roseville PD to get an answer.

That right turn pocket is dedicated and, like many right turn lanes in Roseville, includes a merge lane that allows drivers the space to accelerate and smoothly merge onto the connecting street, in this case Sierra College Blvd.  The red signal light is for traffic in the straight-only eastbound lanes.  The right turn lane is separated from the eastbound lanes by a raised divided median so traffic in that turn lane should not stop; they need only watch for pedestrians in the crosswalk before continuing onto Sierra College Blvd.  Stopping in the right turn lane, in fact, is a violation of 22400(a) – impeding the normal flow of traffic.

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  1. Michele Filice Katsilometes says:

    These “merge lanes” are the worst! What’s wrong with the old-fashioned true stop and then making a right turn on red? Too often in heavy traffic, the speeding oncoming drivers will not allow for any sort of “smooth merge onto the connecting street.” If we move to the front of that merge lane and wait for a safe opening, the impatient and more risky drivers behind us in line will cut us off and prevent us from entering the road. At the intersection highlighted in your story, you must also watch out for cars exiting the CVS lot onto Sierra College Blvd. I will drive other routes just to AVOID these crazy intersections!!!

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