By Angela Greenwood

9/5 UPDATE: A spokesman for AT&T reached out to CBS13 after the story aired and provided this statement:

As we work to expand and enhance our fiber network to deliver ultra-high speeds to the Dixon area, our goal is to minimize the effect on residents as much as possible. Unfortunately part of this project was not completed to our standards and we are working to fix it. – Leland Kim

DIXON (CBS13) — A neighborhood in Dixon has turned into a disaster zone as AT&T installs it’s latest technology. For the past five months, yards have been torn up as fiber optic infrastructure is placed underground and now homeowners are wondering who’s going to fix it.

“They’ve ruined our front yard,” said Dixon homeowner Natalie Avina.

It’s the first glimpse into their biggest investment.

“You know we take pride in our homes,” said Avina. ”You don’t want to come home and see this.”

But from lawns to sidewalks, lot after lot in Dixon’s Valley Glenn neighborhood have been turned upside down.

“Everything’s been dug up,” said Avina.

Homeowner Heather Craig said, “They put concrete instead of dirt back underneath our grass, so it’s dying.”

In May, an AT&T contractor started installing underground infrastructure for fiber optic cable.  Avina- who has three young children- says on top of aesthetic damage, crews leave heavy machinery parked overnight and just two weeks ago broke a gas line causing the entire street to evacuate.

“It’s just the whole construction part of things, the lack of communications, the disrespect to our home.”

Dixon City Councilman Devon Minnema lives in the area and has been surveying the damage. He says he’s reached out to AT&T and expects the company to pay for full repairs.

“I think that in the haste to get these optic lines put in, the vetting wasn’t fully done and I’m hoping that this was a learning experience for AT&T,“ said Minnema.

Homeowners are still unsure about when this mess will all be cleaned up.  CBS13 reached out to AT&T and did not receive a response.

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  1. Rich Guidicini says:

    Please AT&T, take away my 2-Wire and give me the fiber. I promise no to complain about the mess you leave.

  2. Paul Bristol says:

    “AT&T installs it’s latest technology.” — Its. Its. Its. “It’s” is a contraction of “it is.” Please make a note of it.

  3. About twenty years ago AT&T put buried miles of fiber optic cable through the Mojave desert of California. The contract clearly showed that it was to be buried at 6′ or 6 feet. Instead one section through a farmer’s field was buried at 6 inches. The farmer was using a disc tiller to plow his land and thousands of feet of buried fiber cable were sliced and diced into oblivion. There was a major outage and my supervisor ask me over the radio if the cable could be spliced together. I was looking at acres of sliced up fiber glistening in the morning sun and said,”Nope, I don’t think that’s a plan.” :>)

  4. Bobby Love says:

    They don’t have to fix it. Do you really own your own home now in the USA. Try to fly the flag of your choice. Government owns us.

  5. Larz Larzen says:

    My home builder did something similar. I couldn’t get grass to grow on the left side of my house. It was hard as rock. I dug around with a pick-axe and discovered that they had buried stucco, cement and other building materials there. I just made put some nice rock there instead of digging it all out.

  6. js says:

    It’s “its”not “it’s.”

  7. Samuel Green says:

    When people start digging up the fiber optic cables and cutting them with pruning shears, AT&T will respond, but only in pressing charges.

    This scenario is what happens when third party contractors are hired by AT&T, and then it’s done as cheaply as possible, foregoing any contractual city promises such as cleanup and depth of the cables.

  8. John Deuteronomy says:


  9. Bruce Harwell says:

    We have a very conscientious crew installing fiber optic cable through the county where I live, and they do NOT dig up yards. They use existing “underground infrastructure” where they can, but where it doesn’t exist, they bury a 4″ flex-pipe using trenching machines and also a horizontal drill machine to avoid wrecking some very expensive landscaping. The crew in California are apparently ignorant on how to do their jobs; there’s better technology nowadays besides a shovel and a backhoe!

  10. Heath Sellers says:

    They buried this in . my yard (TN) almost 1000′ from the street to the house. After the 1st rain and the grass grew back it was impossible to tell where they had been. Now we average wireless speeds on 4-500 Mbps (just did a speed test – 454.59 down 318.09 up).

  11. William Scaggs says:

    I wish I had fiber optic service—could care less about the damn grass!

  12. This is happening in my yard and neighborhood in Alabama right now. AT&T’s crew is destroying our yards.

    We had Google Fiber installed in our neighborhood last Fall and they did a much better job, minimizing destruction and repairing what they did have to dig up.

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