By Angela Greenwood

DIXON (CBS13) — A message that the town of Dixon welcomes all people didn’t sit well with Mayor Thom Bogue, whose remarks have drawn more controversy against the town’s leadership in just over two months.

Bogue is in the hot seat after making questionable remarks about the Islamic faith, lumping in followers of Sharia law with pedophiles and active criminals.

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The mayor’s remarks were in response to a campaign in response to a controversy sparked by an article written by Vice Mayor Ted Hickman calling for a Straight Pride American Month in July. The article drew condemnation from across the country.

As a way to help the town come back together, messages of tolerance that read “We welcome all” were plastered on shop windows throughout downtown Dixon.

At the Dixon Florist, owners say they didn’t think twice to get on board.

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“We were so excited someone brought in the sign. We hung it up right away,” said Courtney Kett.

Protesters asked city leaders spread the words of acceptance and hang the signs at city hall, but mayor Thom Bogue declined and some are now calling his reasoning Islamophobic.

“It’s a little bit shocking,” said Dixon resident Carlos Ojeda.

Bogue says he doesn’t welcome all people into the city—not pedophiles, active criminals or those practicing Sharia (Islamic) Law, which he claims gives the right to kill women and children.

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“I would hate for anybody to feel anything negative about their faith,” said Kett.

Bogue declined to talk on camera saying, “Everyone has a reason to hate everybody. The only way to make it stop is to quit feeding into the hatred.”

“It’s a little much for our small town,” said longtime Dixon resident Kylie Stevens.

The small town has perceived conservative roots, but has a pretty even, slightly more left-leaning political split. While Stevens says she supports the mayor, she says she can’t believe Dixon is once again in the spotlight for the political rhetoric of its leaders.

“I know that he is a good person and his heart comes from a good place,” said Stevens, “The things that people in power are saying are corrupting the image of the town.”

Officials with the Council on American-Islamic Relations released a statement saying, “We condemn Mayor Bogue’s bigotry and urge public officials and community leaders to repudiate all forms of racism, Islamophobia, intolerance or discrimination. Mayor Bogue owes our community a public apology.”

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  1. >”after making questionable remarks about the Islamic faith, lumping in followers of Sharia law with pedophiles and active criminals”

    Except… Mohammed WAS a pedophile.. he diddled a 9 year old. You should see the questionable remakrs Mohammed/Allah makes about Christians and Jews..

  2. Sharon Wilders says:

    Sharia does ok pedophilia and also violent jihad. It says that part of zakat is to fund violent jihad too. It oks polygamy, slavery (and the raping of them that are considered what their ‘right hands possess’). Slavery is still practiced in islam AND at several have already be found, and released, while the slave owners were either exported or in prison. We need to make sure our police, judicial system and politicians stop turning a blind eye to what sharia/islam (its koran and sunnah) teach!! ISLAM IS NOT A RACE! – it is an ideology as bad, or worse since it oks some pretty bad things – than some of the worst cults that we have uncovered in the USA. Sorry if the moslems don’t like that but I have read the koran, sunnah and 3 schools of sharia.

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