CERES (CBS13) — A Modesto man is behind bars after allegedly firing shots off an AR-15 pistol and being found with shell casings by his feet early Tuesday morning.

Shawn Reid (source: Ceres Police Department)

Police said they heard shots fired while patrolling the area of Hatch Road and Richland Ave, around 2:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. As they began looking for the source of the shots in the area, police say they heard more shots and located a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed from eastbound Woodworth Avenue to southbound Richland Avenue.

The vehicle then ran a stop sign at Richland Avenue and Nadine Avenue, according to Ceres Police Officer Henson.

Henson then stopped the vehicle, which was occupied by three people.

Police said Officer Henson had the front passenger, 26-year-old Shawn Reid step out of the car. When Reid got out of the car, police said they saw several shell casings were on the passenger side floorboard. Police also found a short barrel AR-15 pistol with a large capacity magazine inside the vehicle.

(source: Ceres Police Department)

According to officers, Reid told them he had been in a fight earlier in the night but denied any knowledge of the AR-15.

But police said evidence located on the firearm and in the vehicle lead them to believe that Reid had been in possession of and actively firing the weapon before he was pulled over.

Reid was booked for numerous weapons charges.

  1. Jason Roysdon says:

    Did the police test fire the weapon to see if it was automatic? Automatic means a single pull of the trigger fires multiple times. I suspect the police did not test fire the weapon at the scene, and most likely it is a semi-automatic weapon, requiring a trigger pull for each round fired.

    Further, it is either a Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR) or a pistol. There is no such thing as a short barrel pistol – unless you are talking about a nick-name for very small sub-compact handguns that fit in the pocket with barrels of lengths around 3 inches or less. An SBR is designed to be fired from the shoulder and has Federal legal requirements under the NFA. This weapon pictured has no way to be fired from the shoulder and is in a pistol configuration.

    Words means things – can we please get accurate reporting with facts?

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