SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman living on Cadillac Drive near Fair Oaks and Howe Avenue in Sacramento has a safety concern in her neighborhood and wrote to to get help.

Paige Small says:

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“I live on Cadillac Drive across from Raley’s and CVS by Fair Oaks and Howe. Who do I contact about a crosswalk sign that really needs a light bar on it, before someone gets killed in the crosswalk?”

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We took Paige’s question to the Sacramento Board of Supervisors and we were told the best thing to do is call 311. Parts of Cadillac Drive are under the City of Sacramento jurisdiction, while other parts are in unincorporated Sacramento County. 311 will help determine whether the crosswalk in question is in the City of County of Sacramento. The issue will then get referred to the correct Public Works Department.

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