SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A ramp closure may change your weekend plans, but if you plan ahead the detour shouldn’t add too much strain to your drive.

Caltrans has scheduled a 55-hour closure of a Business 80 onramp near Arden Fair mall. The closure will only affect the onramp heading to Reno.

The closure will start at 10 p.m. on Friday and stretch through 5 a.m. on Monday.

Caltrans recommends drivers who want to get back on the freeway head south to Exposition Boulevard, head west until you hit northbound Highway 160, which will get merge into eastbound Business 80.

If you’re a the mall, there’s also the option of heading to the west side and taking Royale Road to a right turn on Cormorant Way, a right turn on Woolley Way, then a left turn on Silica Avenue, then a left turn to Ethan Way and a left turn at the light to Ethan Way.

There’s also the east side outlet to Ethan Way over by Best Buy, but that can jam up pretty easily.

And if you’re not too picky, just find your way out to Howe Avenue and head north. It’ll join up with Business 80 at Auburn Boulevard and you’ll completely miss the Marconi curve.


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