SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones released more details on the shooting that left Deputy Mark Stasyuk dead.

Jones detailed the timeline of events that led up to the shooting in Rancho Cordova:

The incident began after 1 p.m. Monday. Deputies responded to a report about a dispute with a suspect and employees at the Folsom Boulevard Pep Boys location. Before the deputies entered the store, the suspect – 38-year-old Anton Lemon Moore – was pacing around inside.

As deputies approached, Moore started to run. The suspect then started firing and shot a clerk, Sheriff Jones says.

The suspect then started shooting at Deputy Stasyuk.

Stasyuk was shot in the back and went outside to find cover. Jones says the suspect followed Deputy Stasyuk outside and kept firing.

A bullet hit Stasyuk in the head, killing him.

The suspect then started firing repeatedly at the other deputy, Julie Robertson. Sheriff Jones says there were several opportunities for Deputy Robertson to get to safety, but she chose to keep herself between the suspect and store employees.

Eventually, the suspect fled onto Folsom Boulevard. Deputy Robertson then saw Stasyuk on the ground and started first aid, radioing that the suspect was headed down the road.

The suspect was eventually arrested after other deputies saw him running in between two contractor trucks. The deputies told him to stop, but then he started shooting at them. Deputies returned fire and hit the suspect in the chest.

Moore, the suspect, remains hospitalized but his condition has stabilized, sheriff’s officials say. He was shot twice, once in the upper body and once in the lower body.


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