SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom wasted little time in responding to President Donald Trump’s latest attacks on him over immigration.

The president made the comments at a campaign rally for Republican Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada Thursday night.

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When the topics of border control and immigration came up, Trump singled out Newsom, the Democrat running for governor.

“How about this clown in California who’s running for governor?” Trump said. “Just think, you’ve got a lot of people from California that moved here. But how about this guy? He announces he wants open borders. That means just pour in. And then he he wants to give them healthcare, education, everything.”

Trump went on to say the state’s population would hit 1 billion in a very short amount of time if Newsom gets his way. He then asked the crowd, who will pay for this?

Newsom fired back on Twitter shortly after the president’s comments, writing “lol, hi @realdonaldtrump. Interesting description coming from the guy who is literally locking up kids like Pennywise.”

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Pennywise is the terrifying clown character from Stephen King’s novel “It”, who is able to manipulate children and transform into their worst nightmares without adults noticing.

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Thursday’s exchange happened just two weeks after Trump targeted Newsom for his proposal of universal health care for undocumented immigrants.