SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – An equal pay bill covering women and minorities working in state agencies was vetoed by Governor Brown.

Assembly Bill 1916 would have required the state Department of Human Resources to evaluate all agencies and positions and generate a report every two years, starting December 13, 2019 until January 1, 2030.

Agencies found to have a discrepancy would have had to come up with a specific plan to recruit, attract, and retain both women and minorities into positions where they are underrepresented.

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In the Governor’s veto message, he wrote:

“This bill requires and evaluation and biennial report by the California department of Human Resources on gender and ethnic pay disparities for all civil service classifications where there is an under-representation of women and minorities. The information called for by this bill is currently provided by the Department of Human Resources and the State Controller’s office. I think it is reasonably complete and provides a basis for sound legislative review.”



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