SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The California Capital Airshow brought hundreds of people to Mather Airport in Sacramento to see the US Air Force Thunderbirds and a variety of other air performers. For one viewer though, the Airshow brought a lot of noise and fear to her dog.

Barbara Hina-Vergara asked us:

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“CBS13, I have a serious question. When the air shows are going on, aren’t they supposed to NOT fly them near residential houses?? I’m literally here at home trying to keep my 135 pound German Shepherd dog from hurting herself from the noise of the jets flying over our houses. They fly over about every 20 minutes. It’s literally shaking our houses!! Several neighbors have come out of their houses thinking something has happened. Can you please tell me if there’s a law or something on this?”

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CBS13 got in touch with the spokesperson for the California Capital Airshow. We were told:

“The airshow follows careful steps to receive permission from the FAA to fly within a certain radius of the show. There are many restrictions that we follow for air and crowd safety and we pride ourselves on only having the best in the business who also follow adhere to these regulations. Unfortunately, jets are loud and the show lasts about four hours, so it can certainly inconvenience people for the three days that include a practice day and two shows. But please note, as I said, that we are very carefully monitored by the FAA and are not breaking any laws or ordinances.”

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