By Jennifer McGraw

FAIRFIELD(CBS13) — In response to the deadly hurricane affecting the southeast, Travis Air Force Base is sending in relief to help with the four states impacted by the storm. Crews geared up and took flight Wednesday afternoon to help aid victims.

The C17 Globemaster, large enough to carry a helicopter, or become an air ambulance to transport up to 60 patients, is on its way to help. An aircraft nearly capable of carrying a small city, now challenged with sending aid to cover several states.

“All sorts of equipment and supplies to patients, equipment like helicopters, water, food, anything that may be needed,” said Natalie Korona, Travis Air Force Base Spokesperson.

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As Hurricane Michael hit landfall, it began to destroy everything in its path, which made immediate relief imminent.

“We found out early this morning that an aircraft may be requested likely, and in a matter of hours they had 3 hours to take off,” said Capt. Lyndsey Horn, a Travis Air Force Base Spokesperson.

The C17 is heading to Mississippi, as it requires a large enough airport to land, the aircraft is then able to provide stable relief nearby.

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“We try to get as close as we can and then smaller aircraft are able to deliver that aid,” Horn said.

Two teams from Travis are already on their way to the east coast to assistant with medical aid.

“It can fly Critical Air Transport Teams, which could care for the sickest of the sickest in need,” Spokesperson Natalie Korona said.

During last year’s hurricane season from Irma and Maria in Florida, to Puerto Rico, Travis along with other bases around the country flew defense teams that moved almost 250 patients.

Jennifer McGraw


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