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Ami Bera on the issues:

Sacramento County Economic Roadmap
“As someone who was born and raised in California, I grew up believing that America is the land of opportunity. It is a place where you can reach your full potential if you work hard.

I was fortunate to get a great education by attending California’s public schools from kindergarten through medical school. With some help from my family, scholarships, and while working part-time and taking advantage of federally-funded student loans, I was able to graduate with less than $10,000 in debt. I became a doctor and, along with my wife Janine, was able to support my family and raise my daughter Sydra. This was all possible because my country made an investment in me.” Read more

Keeping Sacramento County Safe
“Keeping Americans safe is my greatest responsibility as your representative in Congress. We have to be vigilant and relentless, but also strong and wise, as we move forward to defeat ISIL and other terrorist groups. We also need to holistically address other serious threats to the safety of our families.” Read more

Making Government Work
“As your representative, I took an oath to serve you. This is why I’ve made it my priority to make government work, so we put people ahead of politics to move our country forward. Congress should be a place for service, not for politicians who only look out to protect their own careers, pay, and perks.” Read more

Women’s Equality
“Since the first women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls in 1848, we have certainly made great progress towards women’s equality. At the same time, we still have so much more to do. As a father, I want my daughter to grow up in a country where her gender is not a barrier to her success.” Read more

Honoring Promises to Seniors
“As a doctor who’s cared for countless seniors, I’m committed to honoring the promises we’ve made to our parents and grandparents. We need to make sure our seniors can access the support and health care they need in a secure and dignified retirement.” Read more

Helping Everyone Get Ahead
“Today, many families have to work harder and harder to realize their American dream. I know many are worried that their children may end up worse off than they are. We’re living in a different and changing economy. We have to do a better job of keeping up with these changes so more families can be a part of the middle class and get ahead in life.” Read more

Helping Our Military and Our Veterans
“As a doctor who has helped care for veterans, I’ve seen firsthand how much they’ve sacrificed for us. After giving so much for our country and our safety, the least we can do is make sure they have access to basic resources.” Read more

See more of Rep. Bera’s positions on the issues.

Andrew Grant on the issues:

“Washington D.C. regulators effectively “double-down” on already costly California regulations. Federal agencies should generally be limited to providing guidelines and facilitating government funding.” Read more

Better Decisions with Taxpayer Dollars
“I will always keep a close eye on how federal taxpayer dollars are spent, continuously monitoring the outcomes of spending and the return on your investment.” Read more

The Right Decisions on Infrastructure
“We need a national infrastructure plan, legislated with strict controls on how the money is used. In California, the money should go to improving roads, upgrading bridges and countering California’s serious water shortage.” Read more

The Right Energy Policies
“Caring for seniors and our elders requires long-term care planning. But many family members become caregivers overnight without being ready for it. A loved one falls down or an illness triggers a change in responsibility.” Read more

Government Reform
“The federal government should partner with state and local government, fulfilling its constitutional role while leaving many of the important policy decisions up to local leaders.” Read more

Military & Veterans
“The United States must be always ready to defend our nation, support our alliances with other countries, and limit aggression. Many men and women who grow up in Sacramento County serve in our military, and yet less than 1% of our total military budget is devoted to properly training and equipping our military.” Read more

Healthcare that Preserves the Doctor-Patient Relationship
“Healthcare costs are out of control, and only competition through the private market can control costs while continuing to innovate. No plan is perfect, but the following set of principles will guide decisions that I make regarding healthcare.” Read more

Trade Policy for American Businesses
“America is the world’s best trade partner, and the Sacramento Region can become a great member of the global marketplace. We must, however, reassess our trade agreements to strengthen the position of our businesses for jobs and economic growth. My decisions on trade will be made with the following principles.” Read more

Homeland Security
“The federal government has a unique responsibility in preventing terrorism, responding to major disasters, and we must make the right investments to protect our communities. Californians must also be able to rely on federal assistance when our state faces severe natural disasters.” Read more


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