By Jennifer McGraw

DAVIS (CBS13) — The search is on for the person who vandalized a UC Davis transportation vehicle over a ticket.

It’s that dreaded slip you can spot from a mile away. And we’ve all been there.

“It sucks, I’m not going to lie,” said Jordan Vice, student.

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One person apparently took out their frustration on an enforcement truck by popping all four tires and leaving messages in marker on the side of the truck:

“I get reimbursed! So please give more tix!”


“You give tickit [sp] I pop tires”

“They spelled ticket wrong,” said student Jordan Vice.

The fines aren’t cheap—$50 for a regular parking ticket and up to $74 for parking in a restricted area. As much as students hate getting tickets, they say this act of vandalism is going way too far.

“I wouldn’t do something like that, that’s like evil,” said another student, Becca Graff.

Students aren’t sure who would stoop so low, but say this joke falls flat and it’s certainly not one of them.

“I feel like people complain about them, but we’re not hostile,” Graff said.

Even offenders say to give the meter maids a break. They don’t just ticket, enforcers also double as the campus AAA.

So the next time you get a flat or see a fine remember to be kind.

“Give the parking meter people a break. They are just doing their jobs,” Vaziri said.

A spokesperson for UC Davis said the while the tires need to be replaced; the marker will rub off.

Jennifer McGraw


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