By Steve Large

WOODLAND (CBS13) — A Woodland woman is speaking out about a Lyft ride that ended with police put her driver in handcuffs. The frightening moments played out as she was on her way to pick up her husband from the hospital.

Christie Gomez had only used Lyft a couple times before that fateful ride, but she instantly knew this ride wasn’t right.

“Honestly it’s the scariest thing I’ve ever went through in my life,” Gomez said. “The real first sign was once we got on the freeway he literally started crying, but it was crying and then laughing at the same time.”

She ordered the ride from her home in Woodland to pick up her husband at the Kaiser Hospital in Sacramento, a 25-mile trip. Her driver began driving erratically and then removed his hands from the wheel, covered his eyes with his hands, and told Gomez to direct him on the road.

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“(He was saying) ‘I can’t do this anymore. I can’t go through like this anymore.'” Gomez said.

Fearing the worst, she reached out to her mom and husband, texting them that she was scared.

Eventually, Gomez convinced the driver to pull over in a Natomas Shopping Center, saying she had to go to the bathroom. As soon as she got out of the car, Gomez ran into a nearby Starbucks.

Sacramento Police arrived and found the driver locked in a gas station bathroom. Officers said he was acting erratically, covering himself in soap and trying to bite him.

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The driver was taken into custody and put on a mental health hold.

Lyft issued a statement Friday saying, “We have deactivated the driver’s account as we collect more details and have been in contact with the passenger affected.”

Gomez said she thought she’d be safe, now she’s saying it was a mistake she won’t make again. She also received a full refund from the ride-share app for her trip.

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  1. David Maxwell says:

    When I need a lift, it’s with a licensed cab driver. Why would anyone get in a car with a complete stranger?? There’s a reason they license the pros, and this is a perfect example.

    1. Kenny Brown says:

      Yeah, the biggest problem I ever had with a taxi was the b.o.

    2. Hao De says:

      cab drivers are also strangers.

    3. Missy Sepos says:

      I used to be a cab driver and now drive lyft, Either way your still a stranger. Lyft and Uber are way way better than taxis

  2. what do you expect when you get into a vehicle with a complete stranger? You might as well be hitchhiking.

  3. Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news.

  4. Jack Mahoghof says:

    This is a HORRIBLY written article. It sounds like it was written by a child.

    1. Whaddya mean? CBS Sacramento pulled out all the stops putting their A-team, including top writing talent on this incredibly significant story. The reporter pulled no punches, setting the table, then keeping the reader riveted until the heart-wrenching climax. The investigative team did their homework too, allowing the journalist to hit one out of the ball-park with the disclosure that the victim of the “rideshare nightmare” got a “full refund from the ride-share app for her trip” Years from now people will be quoting the reporter’s sentence: “Officers said he was acting erratically, covering himself in soap and trying to bite him.” Hey the Drudge link is just the beginning. Can you say Pulitzer?

  5. Claudine Beaumont says:

    I’ve been riding Lyft for over two years and have never had a problem. Great company. Drivers have been respectful and courteous and for me it is less expensive than owning a car. As in life, it’s the luck of the draw.

  6. Christie looks a little beefy. I wonder how much her ”husband” paid her for her green card marriage?

  7. Bob Suyak says:

    Too many a..holes on the road, just another one, probably a democrat.

  8. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  9. Susan Bolle says:

    Sounds like he had used some crazy psychotic drug. If so, charge him regardless of his mental problem.

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