By Steve Large

LAKE NATOMA (CBS13) — A spectacular sight has made a return to Sacramento County. A pair of bald eagles has been spotted nesting at Lake Natoma for the third year in a row.

The pair’s return is a welcome sight for most nature lovers, but it could also lead to a delay in fixing a popular bike trail.

CBS13 video shows one of the bald eagles taking flight, flying from one treetop to another at Lake Natoma, joining its mate.

Paul Ycasis came out with his binoculars to see for himself.

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“This is pretty awesome,” Ycasis said. “Just a majestic and awesome sight. Just like you see in those photographs.”

This is the third year that a pair of bald eagles has arrived at Lake Natoma. State park employees believe they are the same two, but they have not tracked them. Photos from last year also show the pair’s all brown-colored eaglet offspring.

This year, the adults are nesting above a rock slide area on the popular Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. The state parks department was preparing to begin clearing it this year. Avid cyclists and runners have been anticipating the clean-up soon, but the eagles’ return may keep the rock slide in place.

“It’s an obstacle we kind of have to cross over for all of our runs now,” Bella Vista High School Cross Country coach Chris Goode said.

“It seems like it’s been for a while—long enough for graffiti to get put on those walls and stuff,” cyclist Liam Bass said.

State parks supervisor Rich Preston issued a statement reading:

“We ask the visiting public to be respectful of the eagles by keeping their distance from the nest site. That will provide the best possible outcome for future offspring.”

The parks department is considering putting up a 24-hour live camera to allow everyone to watch the bald eagles online. It has to work with the federal government which owns the land.


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