SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Some residents in a Sacramento County neighborhood are sick of the nonstop noise coming from a construction site across from their homes on Morse Avenue.

“It’s literally like trying to sleep with an alarm clock right at your ear, full blast,” said Elaina Holloway who lives near the site.

The residents say they’ve reached out to the county and nothing is being done to help them.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Paul Stellmaker who also lives nearby.

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David Wright, who lives directly across from the site, isn’t too happy about the noise either.

“It just sounds like there’s a diesel truck kind of just parked in front of my house,” he said.

Holloway even started keeping track.

“I counted 600 beeps between the two tractors and this is at like two in the morning,” she said.

She told CBS13 that the noise is for much of the day then the construction crew returns at about 7 p.m. and continues until 5 the next morning.

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“I don’t mind them doing what they are doing during the day, but there has to be a shut off time,” Stellmaker said.

Sacramento County has a noise control ordinance. Part of it states that noise associated with construction is allowed as long as it doesn’t occur between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. on weekdays.

“It’s like being tortured. You’re stuck in your house, you can’t sleep and you have this loud sound just beeping at you nonstop,” Holloway said.

Another big frustration for these residents is that they still aren’t exactly sure of what the construction crew is working on or why they have settled here in the first place.

“From what I understand they are working on Watt and Fair Oaks and they are doing some waterline replacement and they are just using this as kind of a staging location for everything,” Wright said.

Either way, Elaina says it’s time for the county to step in.

“I didn’t go next to them. They came next to me and I don’t feel like it’s so much their fault as the county’s fault for allowing it.”

CBS 13 reached out to county leaders on Tuesday. They say they plan to look into the issue as well as speak with the residents.