SOLANO COUNTY (CBS13) — A California Highway Patrol officer was found guilty of downloading child pornography while he was on patrol.

Eric Lund, 49, is from Chico, but was arrested in Fairfield at the CHP office where he worked in 2014.

He was found guilty by a Solano County jury on Tuesday.

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A Vacaville Police detective was tracking an unknown person downloading child pornography in Suisun, Fairfield and Vacaville. During a search of his personal car, investigators say they found a hard drive with nearly two-dozen videos.

Investigators say he accessed a router outside of the Yogurt Beach Shack in Vacaville during his graveyard shift.


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  1. It is remarkable how many police officers become involved in this.

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    1. what are you trying to say?/ how do you know all this ? suspicious to say the least

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