By Cambi Brown

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The buses may look yellow, but they’re really green. Twin Rivers School District now has one of the largest fleets of electric school buses in the country.

The wheels on the bus still go round and round, but now they are fueled by electricity instead of gasoline. They look similar to regular school buses with the exception of a bright blue bumper.

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Nate Baguio works for the company that built these “green” school buses, The Lion Electric Co.

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“The electric world is growing and expanding and becoming more common all over the state,” Baguio said.

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Twin Rivers School District is helping the environment with these buses, while also saving between $8,000 and $15,000 on energy and maintenance, according to Baguio.

Additionally, the buses come with new safety features such as a special sound that plays when the bus is moving up to 15 miles per hour to make their presence known to pedestrians.

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Not only are they helping keep the air clean, but the buses are also used as a teaching tool. The district is putting together a program to teach their students how to be the next electric school bus mechanics.

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The buses can go up to 155 miles on one charge which, according to the Lion Electric Company, is longer than any bus route.