SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The smoke from the Camp Fire has reached unhealthy levels across the valley, prompting some local schools to limit outdoors time for their students.

Sacramento City Unified, San Juan Unified, and the Elk Grove School District are taking the smoky skies seriously.

The districts said that all outdoor activities including recess, PE, and athletic practices will be canceled or moved indoors due to the smoke.

In Elk Grove, the district said sports teams will be receiving guidance from the CIF section lead.

Activities will remain indoors or canceled until the air quality improves.

Additionally, Sacramento State announced Monday night that the main campus and Sacramento State Downtown will be closed Tuesday due to the air quality.

The Environmental Protection Agency lists that Air Quality Index (AQI) between 151-200 unhealthy, meaning that “everyone may begin to experience health effects; members of sensitive groups may experience more serious health effects.”

In the Sacramento region, the AQI was 174 on Monday and is projected to be 169 on Tuesday.

Sacramento City Unified gave resources to families to check the air quality, ensuring that students remain healthy even after school:

  • Identify current ozone conditions by visiting the Air Quality Information page:
  • Follow the recommendations for schools and others on the poor air quality days:
  • Provide families with additional resources for the impact wildfire smoke can have on children:
    • Stay Indoors
    • Play Indoors
    • Reduce Outdoor Activity
    • Consult a Physician if your child suffers from a heart or lung ailment
    • Have a plan
    • Stay alert

  1. angiemn3 says:

    College students and profs get the day off so why not grammar, middle, and high schools… the chem trails have been poisoning us for how long yet they are now concerned with our health??? Come on ….

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