SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Call Kurtis Investigation uncovered a weakness in the microchip program and discovered where mistakes can happen in the complicated process.

  1. Chipping Your Pet- The complicated multi-step process starts with you having your pet chipped.
  2. Registering the Microchip with Your Contact Information- Gilbreath says many don’t take the next step of going online to register the microchip with the registry and entering how to get in touch with you. “The most frequent problem we see is pet owners do not register and keep their chip up to date,” Gilbreath said.
  3. The Shelter Must Thoroughly Scan your Pet to find the Chip- Sometimes microchips migrate to other parts of a pet’s body. Once a shelter finds that microchip, a scan produces a lengthy number.
  4. Microchip Number Must be Accurately Entered into the Industry’s Online Look-up Tool- The American Animal Hospital Association’s universal lookup tool supplies which microchip registry the shelter should call. There are dozens of brands of microchips.
  5. Registry/Microchip Company Must Respond to Shelter- The registry must answer the phone or return contact with the shelter.
  6. Accurate Contact Info Must Be Shared- You must trust the registry/microchip company will give correct email/contact numbers, and the shelter must accurately write them down.
  7. Shelter Must Contact You- It’s up to the shelter to put in the work to track you down. Some send letters and call, while some may make just one call.

WATCH: Call Kurtis Investigates Microchip Flaw Could Keep You from Getting Pet Back


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