By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — As smoke from the Camp Fire blankets much of Northern California people are doing whatever they can to avoid the unhealthy air.

Smoke from the Camp Fire continues to linger in the Sacramento Valley prompting many schools to close due to the poor air quality. Like many parents, CBS13’s Lemor Abrams got caught in the thick of it, receiving a message from her son’s school early Thursday morning.

Lemor invited five of Matthew’s friends from school to their house Thursday. These Sacramento moms agreed that entertaining toddlers indoors can be challenging, so they ordered reinforcements, some pizza for the playdate.

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While the smoke is disrupting the lives of many in Sacramento, Robin Greenstein said the disruption was minimal compared to what happened to the residents of Butte County.

“I think sort of this marginal disruption to our lives it seems inconvenient, but we have our houses, we have our lives, so still a lot to be thankful in that regard,” Greenstein said.