ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Police are investigating reports of mountain lion sightings in Roseville recently.

According to the Roseville Police Department, animal control received four calls about a mountain lion sighting in the city Tuesday and one sighting Monday.

Police did not say exactly when the sightings happened, but the reports came from the West Roseville area.

One resident caught the mountain lion on camera with their home security system in the area of Chilton Drive and Prospect Point.

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The last time a mountain lion sighting was reported in Roseville happened in 2017. Back then, callers reported seeing a mountain lion in the East and Central Roseville areas.

Mountain lion sightings aren’t too uncommon in Roseville, but actual encounters with humans are very rare. If you do happen to encounter a cougar, follow these tips: Don’t approach it, stay calm, back away slowly and make yourself look larger.

Police say the Department of Fish and Wildlife has been notified of the mountain lion sightings.


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