By Linda Mumma

MODESTO (CBS13) – A Modesto middle schooler is being hailed as a hero for preventing a toddler from getting hit by a car.

Thirteen-year-old Adrian Castro isn’t just a fierce competitor in the ring, the Mark Twain Junior High School eighth-grader is also a good student.

Which is why his boxing coach wasn’t surprised to learn Castro helped save the life of a toddler who had opened the door to her home and wandered out into the street alone.

“That’s Adrian. Even when we get little kids here too sometimes he’ll help us if we’re short staffed or whatever,” said coach Eddie Montano.

The incident happened last week near Modesto High School as Castro was riding his bike to boxing practice with a friend.

“Cars were just coming, and that traffic moves pretty quick,” Castro said.

Castro says the girl was just about to step out into the street – so he and his buddy pulled her to safety.

“I called 911 and just told them the street address and what was my name,” Castro said.

They then waited with the little girl until police arrived.

“We knew she didn’t know where she lived because every time we’d point somewhere she’d say ‘Yeah,’” Castro said.

When he got home, he told his mom Lupita what had happened.

“I was shocked. It was hard to believe a two-year-old was alone in the street,” Lupita said.

A Modesto police officer was so impressed with Castro, he went to his school and presented him with a gift card and then posted this picture to the department’s Facebook page.

“I was the happiest mother,” Lupita said. “He’s a really awesome kid and I’m glad I raised him well.”

The post now has more than 5,000 likes and comments from complete strangers.

Castro’s mom said, within the last two years, their family lost their apartment in a fire and Castro has been bullied in school – so it was nice for him to be recognized for his good deed.


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