By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento County Sherif’s Department is looking into what investigators are calling a “suspicious death” of a Walmart employee. The 54-year-old man has not yet been identified.

Investigators say the man worked at the Neighborhood Walmart on Marconi Avenue for about five years. His coworkers said he was never late to work until Sunday morning when he collapsed at work and died an hour after reporting to his regular shift.

Shoppers are certain of the worst, but investigators don’t know for sure whether the Walmart employee died as a result of a medical issue or from injuries sustained during a fight.

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“Some employees indicated that the male victim, in this case, told them he was assaulted on his way into work that morning,” said Sheriff’s Department Spokesman Shaun Hampton.

Hampton couldn’t say how bad the victim was beaten up or if he was robbed. He did point out that the victim did not drive to work as he normally would because his car wouldn’t start. Instead, he walked about a mile from his Arden neighborhood, which is considered safe and quiet for many living here.

“It’s nice for people with families. Lots of families. Elderly people living around” said Neighbor Hannah Graham.

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Investigators are now collecting surveillance video from homes and businesses around the Neighborhood Walmart as well as talking to possible witnesses who may have seen a man walking in the cold, early Sunday morning.

For now, investigators are waiting for an official autopsy from the coroner’s office.

Walmart’s corporate office would not comment on the case.


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