DURHAM, Calif. (CBS13) – Some residents of Butte County are cleaning up after major flooding during yesterday’s storm.

They said the flooding was worse than they’ve ever seen because of debris flows from the Camp Fire backing up waterways and drainage pipes.

Durham took a real hit.  At one home, the residents had to leave twice in a matter of weeks.

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“I was driving home from working thinking that’s twice we’ve had a mandatory evacuated in the last month,” said Steve Stegrest.

“Twenty-one days apart…Thursdays. November’s almost over,” said April Stegrest.

The Stegrests had to make the last-minute decision to do break down a fence to let the water rush through, instead of flooding the home.

But that was pretty hard to do since so much water was pooling against the house, flowing into the home through vents.

“We thought, fire, like that’s gonna take everything and then…this one was flooded, so I knew I’d still have our possessions and then I’m also thinking about all the people up on the ridge [who] lost their lives and people lost their homes,” said.

Inside the home, cleanup crews are working as fast so the family can return. They’re taking everything apart: flooring, carpet, and drywall.

The family’s just hoping to clean this all up before the holidays.


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