By Lemor Abrams

SUTTER (CBS13) — The troubled varsity football player still wore his shoulder pads as he swung a sledgehammer, demolishing a couch his opponent’s locker room. The incident happened after the section playoff game against between West Valley High and Sutter Union High in Cottonwood.

“Yah some things got out of hand… he was definitely upset about the loss about the loss,” said Cameron Applegarth. “Our school is looked at like a piece of trash. We look like bullies we look like sore losers.”

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Applegrath is on the Sutter High team and is friends with the player in the video. He says his teammate lost control of his emotions and now the school is paying a price.

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“You can’t always win and if you don’t win you still has to handle defeat,” said Ryan Robison, the superintendent and principal of Sutter Union High School.

Robison says that’s not the only lesson being taught. The unidentified student, a minor, is suspended. But there’s more to this story, his teammates want to share.

“It was an emotional experience I’ve never had stepping off that field for the last time,” said Tyler McCool.

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McCool says it was the last playoff game of the season against West Valley High, in Cottonwood California. West Valley won the game 7-0.

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The two teams have a long and competitive history, which is why Sutter is looking to make things right starting with replacing the couch.

“We’ve arranged for a couple captains and seniors on the team… to  put it back in their locker room,” said Applegrath.

And they’ll do it with money the troubled football player plans to help raise.

“He’s taken personal responsibility for his actions,” said Robison.

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The team said the sledgehammer the player used is typically a pregame symbol of strength for the players.