ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — It’s been just over a month since the Camp Fire ripped through Paradise.  In the aftermath of the devastation, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company reached out to bars across the country and asked them to help make a special beer to raise money for survivors. The beer is now finally on tap.

“When I saw this was coming along I just thought, ‘you know what, I gotta come down and have a pint or two,’” said Mike Williams, a frequent visitor of The Monk’s Cellar in Roseville.

It’s been three weeks since the big brew day on Nov. 20. Companies around the country donated their time to make Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, and all of the money goes to the victims of the Camp Fire.


“I think it was pretty much a no-brainer,” said Paul Gould, owner of The Monk’s Cellar.

Gould told CBS13 brewing this batch of Resilience fell right in line with their motto.

“Beer, food, community,” he said. “If you can help, you can help, right?”

And the response from his patrons has been nothing but positive.

“The beer is fantastic!” said Williams. “It’s got kind of that little aftertaste that makes you think of the Sierra Nevada brews.”

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Over at Fieldwork Brewing Company in Sacramento, Resilience is also filling up the glasses. Since they started serving it last week, owner Terrance Tang says they’ve already been through several kegs.

“What better reason than to show up, have a beer and know that you’re contributing to something to help improve people’s lives?” said Terrance Tang, General Manager of Fieldwork Brewing Company.

Williams isn’t a Tuesday regular, but tasting Resilience was something he couldn’t pass up tonight.

“Like the name of the beer, Californians, especially Northern California, are very resilient and Butte County will come back,” Gould said.


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