SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A federal judge struck down the Affordable Care Act, calling it unconstitutional.

The question tonight is what does that mean for the millions of people who depend on it?

A 55-page decision came down from federal judge Reed O’Connor in Texas. He ruled that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional without a tax penalty for not complying with the requirement to buy insurance.

It’s a mandate that was dropped in the GOP’s 2017 tax law.

President Trump quickly took to Twitter to applaud the decision.

The ruling comes on the eve of the final day of open enrollment for coverage. Open enrollment has been open for six weeks.

According to Peter Lee, the executive director of Covered California, the ruling did not come as a surprise.

“I thought it was going to happen. It’s unfortunate it’s happening now, but they should still sign up,” Lee said.

Lee says this is just the next step in the legal battle to protect the Affordable Care Act. Lawmakers have taken to Twitter tonight, vowing to fight the ruling.

Nancy Pelosi tweeted that the ruling was absurd.

California Attorney General Javier Becerra released a statement saying, “today’s misguided ruling will not deter us: our coalition will continue to fight in court for the health and wellbeing of all Americans.”

Political reporter Melissa Caen says this case will most likely be settled by the U.S. Supreme Court. Until then, those enrolled in Obamacare should not be worried about their health coverage.

Officials want people to remember that California has extended the enrollment period for Covered California until Jan. 15. But if you want your coverage to kick in on January 1, get the paperwork in by Saturday.

  1. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    Obviously, this federal judge has his hands deep in Trump’s pockets, and he should be recalled and removed from the bench. Thank God the Democrat-controlled House will be able to hold up the judge’s decision on appeal until saner and more compassionate heads prevail.

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