ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Pitch black. That’s what thousands are dealing with as more a hundred thousand people in the Sacramento area are without power.  “I was outside trying to keep our house from flooding and then I hear a loud boom,” said Tina Sanson.  Sanson turned around to see where the noise came from.

“We have a giant tree and it fell on the street landed on a van and we’re here at my cousin’s house,” she said.  She says with the strong winds, she feared another tree might fall. This time on her house.  “They said don’t stay. Evacuate and then come back,” she said, but then when she arrived at her relative’s house, another issue.  “As soon as we walked in the door. We came in, lights were on. We walked in. Lights off,” she said.

Danilo Sarao says they got several warnings before it finally went off, sort of a welcoming sign for Tina’s arrival.  “The power was fluctuating on and off and it just finally stuck after the third power outage or so,” he said.  Meanwhile less than a mile out, Elk Grove police closed Bond road between Bradshaw to Grantline Road due a downed pole.

As for Tina, she’s just thankful to know everyone is okay.  “We’re here. We’re safe,” she said.