CHICO (CBS13) — A Chico television news reporter is recovering after someone attacked her while she was broadcasting live on Facebook.

KRCR’s Meaghan Mackey was reporting outside of a home when it happened.

Her station, KRCR, issued the following statement: “Meaghan is very shaken up but is okay. We are thankful law enforcement was right there and handled the situation quickly. We appreciate the kind words so many of you have offered Meaghan tonight.’

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Mackey was reporting on a mass drug overdose in Chico. Investigators say a dozen people between 19 and 30 years old overdosed inside a house. One person died, authorities said.

Two officers became sick from exposure to the drug – believed to be fentanyl.

At least seven people remained hospitalized as of Sunday night.

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Law enforcement officers nearby quickly stopped the attack on Mackey.

In a series of tweets after the attack, Mackey thanked the quick response from officers and the community for showing their support.

“I will not live in fear of doing my job. I value the freedom of the press & will continue to report on the truth and inform the public, even during times of tragedy,” Mackey tweeted.

It’s unclear if anyone was arrested after the attack.


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  1. Robert Gregory Anders says:

    Its VenezuelaFornia.. these things will become more and more common now.

  2. Christian Martyr says:

    The more entitled revoked her “white privilege” while on air. White had better get their caravans in order

    1. Ed Meyer says:

      Another reporter that thinks she is more important than she really is. What a surprise.

  3. Just Ghetto Rats being Ghetto Rats

  4. Chris Appel says:

    and zero details on the attacker… Failed reporting

  5. Scott Crabtree says:

    Damn Amish!

  6. Can’t live with them….
    Won’t live near them.

    Always be alert when you spot them nearby.
    And if they see you too, you are already being targeted.
    Brunner Syndrome savages.

  7. Michael Seaman says:

    Turning a home in a neighborhood into a drug house is not disrespectful but reporting on it is?

  8. Jim Manning says:

    When she told the public “I…will continue to report on the truth and inform the public, even during times of tragedy” she just lost any chance to ever work for CNN and MSNBC.

    1. Charles Valentin says:

      So true. Mainstream Media is part of the Fifth Column of globalists.

  9. This anti-gun pro-baby murdering idiot is happy that armed people came to her rescue. She no doubt is for open borders and would like to spit of the murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted American victims of illegal alien violence for being racist.

  10. Marlon Brandy says:

    What’s the big deal? That she was assaulted or assaulted on the air? People get assaulted by the hundreds every day. Why not report on them?

  11. Dana Goldstein says:

    Congrats! you’ve been culturally enriched!

  12. Dan Allison says:

    No sympathy for journalists, period. They deserve whatever happens to them

  13. Jeff Mitchell says:

    No surprise here, typical Californication. This state is not even part of America anymore!

  14. Donald Haas says:

    I love that you want to report the facts….but a “On Site report of a Drug Overdose” ….really?….is that important….to anyone?

  15. john L says:

    Save the worthless drug addicts so they can go back and use drugs again tomorrow.

  16. David Alster says:

    She disrespected the neighborhood and the thug residents.

  17. Rick Masters says:

    Sounds to me like a category 5 chimp-out….

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