DAVIS (CBS13) — Controversy is brewing over a picture of slain Davis police officer Natalie Corona and the flag she’s seen honoring two years before she was shot and killed in the line of duty.

The picture which has been shared across the country, shows Officer Corona waving a Thin Blue Line Flag to honor fallen law enforcement, but some groups say the flag is insensitive to people of color, even racist.  Meanwhile, those in support of the picture and the flag say its meaning is being twisted, which they say is another tragedy.

Retired Las Vegas Metro Lt. Randy Sutton said, “The makeup of the Thin Blue Line which that flag represents, represents all of America. It represents white people, black people, Hispanic people, females, males, gays, transexuals.”

But, for some groups of people, the flag itself is a controversial one.

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Tanya Faison, founder of Black Lives Matter Sacramento said, “There are definitely a lot of racial undertones.”

Faison says the Thin Blue Line Flag, along with the Blue Lives Matter movement, are a direct response and attack on the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I mean, people yell this at us and then in the same sentence call us thieves, call us criminals, call us leeches off the system, tell us to get jobs.  So, basically it’s a new version of the Confederate flag,” said Faison.

Randy Sutton is a retired law enforcement lieutenants and calls the flag backlash insulting and devastating.

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“This is reprehensible,” said Sutton, “while police officers and families are mourning the death of this woman, they put a bounty put on Thin Blue Line Flags.”

Friday, in a since-deleted Facebook post, a student group at UC Davis stated the meaning behind the photo of Officer Corona was “racist” and said “an increased police presence can be triggering to many Black and Brown people.”

On Monday, Black Lives Matter Sacramento posted it was “taking donations of Blue Lives Matter flags acquired on the streets…” Faison told CBS13 the group wanted the flags for a future art piece.

“People have chosen a side and that’s what’s going on,” said Faison.

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Many others argue there shouldn’t be a side when it comes to displaying a flag that honors a fallen law enforcement officer.

Sutton said, “The claim that this is racist, it’s absurd. What it shows is their lack of compassion, it shows their lack of dignity.  It shows that they don’t even have a grasp of the reality of what the Thin Blue Line flag is.”

A separate UC Davis group came out criticizing the message of some of its peers on Facebook.

Everyone we interviewed for this story agreed Officer Corona’s death is a tragedy and say they their sympathies are with her family.

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  1. Jack Mahoghof says:

    Tanya Faison and the rest of the #BlackLiesMatter terrorists can go fk themselves.

    1. In fairness Ms. Faison represents the biggest race baiting organization there is in 2019, while hiding behind her black privilege that says she can’t be labeled racist. So forgive her if she spews the usual rhetoric. Never mind that the same flag was draped over Officer Chateri Payne’s coffin here on this side of the country in Louisiana….so I’m with Jack Mahoghof. She and BLM can go fk themselves.

  2. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    The Thin Blue Line represents a group of people who risk death every day to protect people of ALL colors and nationalities from harm. To call the Thin Blue Line flag racist is a slap in the face to police officers as well as the people they protect. And to say that the Thin Blue Line flag is the new Confederate flag is over the top. This knee-jerk racism-mongering has GOT to stop.

  3. Marilyn Tippens Adams says:

    Don’t GAS about the whiners or that they are being offended. If you’re offended, you are guilty of racism yourself. There is more than one race who are LEOs.

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