LODI (CBS13) — The dogs at the Lodi City Animal Shelter are always adorable and always in need of a home, but recently they were also crime victims.

Someone stole leashes, collars, and toys from the shelter’s play yard. Managers want the thieves caught soon.

“I would just ask them why they did it? What made them feel it was ok to steal from animals?”  PALS Manager Stephen Curr said

You can say security at the shelter’s play area was not super tight. The collars, leashes and dog toys were left hanging on this fence overnight…just like every night.

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Managers didn’t think anyone would reach so high and stoop so low as to steal from needy animals. Stealing from these dogs was like taking candy from a baby.

“These dogs are getting the raw end of the deal,” Curr said. “To take away some of the tools that we use to get them to be able to socialize with people again after maybe they’ve had a bad experience. It’s a low blow.”

But when bad things happen, good people step up to help. After news of the theft spread on social media, people donated cash and showed up to the shelter with leashes, collars, and toys to replace everything that was stolen.

The shelter said those donations are always welcome, but said the one thing all animals in area shelters really need is a forever home.


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